Are you Broke or Poor?

I’ve been broke, and I’ve been poor. Those are two very different things. When I was broke, it was recently and because I was working a job that didn’t pay me very well. I ended up selling my car, and living on less and somehow having more than when I was poor. On the other […]

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My Little

Tucker is a strange little boy, he laughs at the most random stuff, loves to cuddle his puppy, and absolutely hates the snow… I didn’t realize how impactful I am on him until he looked at me while waiting for Chelsey to get out of work. He looked at me in the mirror and said, […]

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NtC Church

Looking back at my Facebook profile most of my posts are about NtC Church and have that blue triangle logo on them. I think I should actually say a little about what that means to me, and why I post so much about it. About a year ago I was confronted about some of my […]

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What is this?

I am not quite sure how to start this. I’ve always written, it’s always been in a personal journal or hopeful stories I one day will re-write and share. I’ve never written anything meant for everyone’s eyes, and this has been a bit daunting and somewhat eye opening. When you look at the power of […]

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It’s a Twin Thing

As Thanksgiving quickly approached this year I was hit hard with regret. Being a twin is the most frustrating, yet amazing thing. I can’t think of anyone better to share literally everything with than my twin. I regret some hurtful things I’ve said and actions I didn’t take. It’s not like he’s gone forever or […]

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